Practical Communication That Actually Works

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Have you been struggling to communicate your genuine needs to your partner? Feeling like you end up pushing your partner away in the middle of conflict when all you really want is to freaken connect? Afraid to drop your guard and defenses in relationships? Want to just give up and just say F— it to this relationship stuff?

If you can answer YES to any of the above, I am here to help you reframe your upsets and understand what’s actually happening INSIDE of YOU so that you can bring your partner closer to you. I will be offering research based practical insights to help you break through your guards so that you can show your real self to your partner ... in a safe and caring way.

In order to create and maintain connection, you need to understand what you are doing that is repelling the very love that you want. You must learn the practical side of what the human defenses are … that exist within ALL of us … so that you can start practicing a new way of communicating. Once you recognize what your biggest defenses are and learn to own them, you will be amazed at how quickly the energy of your relationships can change.

Put the focus on YOUR growth, and your partner can’t help but respond differently to those changes. And if your partner doesn't meet you in that growth .. or isn’t willing to try ... then at least you can feel confident and clear if you do choose to walk away.

I’m Silvy Khoucasian. I am the creator of Love With Integrity and a Relationship Coach. Besides being very critical and guarded, I had no idea what I was doing wrong in relationships! Here I was, a Relationship Coach, having done years of 'work' on herself, and I had no idea that I was approaching my partners in blaming ways that was so utterly dis-connecting. I had no idea that my approach was attracting my biggest fear in relationships ... partners that couldn't be present for my emotions! It was utterly awful and frustrating beyond belief!

What I can confidently say now, is that changing my approach from that awful critical space to a deeply caring and genuine energy towards my partner made the biggest difference. And when I'm not able to come from that space right away, I can quickly own it and apologize for my part in a way that feels very empowering to me. I can do that because I have the tools that I am about to teach you. They help me QUICKLY and CLEARLY identify what I am doing that is pushing my partner away!

It has truly changed my life ... or I should say both me and my partner's life! =)

Once you understand what’s happening inside of you, and share from that space, you will see much more clearly and your self-esteem will sky rocket in relationships!

You can do this!

You can have deeply loving and caring relationships!

You can learn simple and practical practices that can help you create the love that you want!

You can have the ability to change your approach and look at your partner (and yourself) in a much more compassionate way!

Learn how to;

  • Communicate what's hurting you (without blaming) your partner.
  • Recognize what your biggest defenses are in relationships and how to quickly move through them.
  • Own your flaws in a way that brings your partner closer to you.
  • Get why confident people are just people that can own their insecurities in a deeply self-loving way.
  • Put practical practices in place right so that you can start growing your conflict muscle right away.

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